Dear Customer:

Welcome to the Union Public Utility District. Attached you will find a UPUD Water Rate Schedule which will provide you with the information you need regarding our billing procedures. Below is some general information regarding the services that UPUD provides and your responsibilities as a customer. Please take a moment to review it and feel free to call us with any questions that you might have.

Things You Should Know About Your Water Service
UPUD’s responsibility ends at the meter. Anything beyond the meter on the customer’s property is the owner’s responsibility to install and maintain. UPUD is not responsible for any water loss or property damage caused by water leaks and/or high pressure. UPUD requires its customers to install the following devices on your property:

  1. Check Valve
  2. Pressure Regulating Valve
  3. Backflow Device (where applicable)

These valves may be purchased at any hardware store and installed by you or you may hire a plumber to install them. Remember to check these valves regularly to ensure they are working properly. If you would like a copy of the District’s Water System Ordinance, which outlines these requirements, please contact our office.

Payments must be received in the UPUD Office by the 20th of the month
to avoid a $10 late charge

Currently UPUD does not have online banking through our website.

See monthly auto payment options below.

The District’s business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30AM until 5:00PM excluding holidays and weekends. We are closed for lunch from 12:00PM – 1:00PM, daily. For payments after UPUD business hours, please utilize our front door drop slot. If you have an emergency after business hours and would like to speak to someone, you may do so by calling (209) 728-3651. Tell the operator the nature of the emergency and a maintenance person will be dispatched to the location of the emergency, if needed. Rest assured, that someone will respond quickly day or night. We are here to help and there is no charge for calling after hours.

Holidays Include:

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Effective May 1, 2010, UPUD offers the option to pay your water bill via automatic debit to your checking account and the ability to charge your debit/credit card monthly or periodically when you need to.

If you would like to have us debit your checking account, please complete the enclosed pink form, “Automatic Debit Authorization Form”. You must attach a voided check and not a deposit slip. We cannot process your application without a voided check. There is no charge to the customer for this payment option.

If you would like us to charge your credit/debit card for your payment, please complete the enclosed blue form, “Credit Card / Debit Card Authorization Form”. It is your responsibility to keep our office updated for any changes to your card on file such as renewal of expiration dates.

With your written authorization, UPUD will debit your checking account or credit/debit card for the amount of your outstanding bill on the 20th day of the month following your statement date. For example, if you receive a statement dated the 30th or 31st of the April, an automatic debit would be processed to deduct the amount of your outstanding bill from your account on the 20th of May. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, we will debit your account the following business day.

Mail your completed application to UPUD, 339 Main Street, Murphys, CA 95247-9626. Please allow thirty (30) days for UPUD to process your application. The automatic payment feature will remain in effect until you notify UPUD that you wish to rescind your authorization.

If at any time you wish to discontinue the automatic debit payment option, you must notify UPUD in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of your next automatic payment.

If for some reason your financial institution does not honor your automatic debit (insufficient funds, account closed, etc.), you will be obligated to settle your open account by other means within the time period specified. Late charges apply to all accounts that have not been paid by the 20th of the month.

Once again, we welcome you to the area and look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Union Public Utility District

For emergency, please call (209) 728-3651