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UPUD Notice of Vacancy on Board

Murphys, CA - Effective December 2020, a vacancy will open with the expiration of Director Duane Onteo's four (4) year term of office on the Board of Directors of the Union Public Utility District (UPUD). 

As a result of not having the required number of candidates for the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election, this seat remains open for appointment. 

UPUD Notice of Vacancy on Board

UPUD Board Vacancy Notice - Extension

UPUD Application for Special District Appointment
Relief Conveyance and Hydroelectric Operator

Hydroelectric Operator
$23.98/hour to $29.95/hour, plus benefits

Senior Hydroelectric Operator
$29.95/hour to $37.40/hour, plus benefits

  • Under minimal supervision, delivers irrigation water to agricultural customers and maintains water flows to Murphys and Angels Powerhouses.
  • Repair and maintain hydroelectric turbines and all mechanical equipment relating to the generation of power.
  • Understand and document water flows and power generation.
  • Work with others in a tactful, respectful and courteous manner.
  • Be a team player and interact with the public in different situations.
UWPA Hydroelectric and Conveyance Operator Job Posting

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